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Ananda Ashrama, La Crescenta CA
La Crescenta, CA



Special Announcement!


There will be no public services at Ananda Ashrama for the present time.  The New Year’s Eve service has been cancelled.  Due to the upsurge in Corona virus, we will be closed for the month of January. Our hope is to re-open on Sunday, February 6th for the celebration of Swami Paramananda’s birth.  

Please watch this website for any updates.  Rev. Mother Sudha will be conducting all the services starting New Year’s Eve from the Vedanta Centre which you see on this website or


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“My idea is not to bring here a Hindu creed or a Christian creed or a Buddhist creed, but to take the best out of all and embody the universal aspect of all. That is my dream.”
                                                  ~ Swami Paramananda


ANANDA ASHRAMA, founded in 1923 by Swami Paramananda, is a spiritual retreat dedicated to all world religions, where followers of diverse faiths may come together to worship the One Spirit who is called by many names. Its philosophy is based on the universal teachings of Vedanta as expounded by India's 19th century prophet, Sri Ramakrishna.


Situated in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, at an altitude of more than 2,000 feet, the ashrama covers 120 acres of hillsides, canyons, and meadows. Trees, gardens, and rock lined pathways provide a peaceful retreat for spiritual study and prayer..

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"I shall begin this day with the resolution that I may in every way make myself an open channel for God’s love to manifest through me."
~ Swami Paramananda


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