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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


February 20th




Salient Thought for the Day


      Nothing can withstand the power of the unseen Presence.

Lines to Memorize


      The blessing of Thy Presence pervades my soul's sanctuary.

      My slumbering mind, breathing its lingering perfume, is revived.

      My heart, purified and gladdened, reacheth out to Thee in adoration.

      Where Thou art, there abide joy and peace.




      When we move in perfect rhythm and harmony, there are no obstacles. There is a Power before whom nothing can hold. When light is brought into the room, darkness cannot resist it. Similarly, when we bring the light of Truth into our inner life, no evil or sorrow can remain. We become invincible.




      You who have bestowed on me all my blessings,

      Rouse in me the sense of Your holy Presence.

      May I open my heart in guileless simplicity to Your divine influence.

      May I lift my thought to You in selfless aspiration.

      May Your peace rest upon me.




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