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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


August 19th



Salient Thought for the Day


      Joy is in the Unbounded.

Lines to Memorize


      The blessing of Thy love, like a heavy shower, fell upon me unaware.

      It washed me of all dross clean and free.

      In this freshness of bareness my soul is happy,

      For it hath found the Hidden,

      And hath attained the Unattainable!



      We cannot come in contact with God without feeling happiness. When our soul is truly awakened, it expands and expresses itself in blissfulness. We refuse to recognize anything but the voice of God. We refuse to see anything other than God’s will working through all. We see the whole world as the manifestation of Divine joy. When there is Divine joy and peace in our soul, the Supreme will always protect us, cheer us, give us strength and fill our heart with bliss.



      Divine Mother of the universe, flood my heart with pure love and holy joy,

      That I may at all times be worthy to live close to Your Divine heart.

      Through the day may I seek refreshment at Your holy feet,

      And depend always on Your tender care and protection.



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