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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


November 27th



Salient Thought for the Day


      There must be a definite relationship with our Ideal.

Lines to Memorize   


      Speak to me now in this hour of aloofness!

      My soul cries out to Thee.

      Wilt Thou not hear me and speak to my hungry ear?




      Our tendency is to go outward for everything. When we are struck by pain, we seek the remedy outside. We need to turn within for our strength and solace. The path we follow shows itself according to what we think, say and do. We are all spiritually equipped. We all have the same avenues of expression, but our consciousness is focused at different points. As spiritual beings we are inexhaustible, but our material resources are quickly exhausted.



      Most Holy One, bestow on me the blessing of conscious kinship with You.

      You are the Source of my existence;

      Grant that I may never forget

      That I live and move in You alone.

      May my thought never be severed from You.

      May I rest my mind ever on Your glory,

      And feel united with You in humility of spirit.




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