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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


December 8th



Salient Thought for the Day

      As we go deeper within ourselves we are less inclined to notice outer happenings.

Lines to Memorize


      Drink my soul! from life's perpetual spring

      Where eternity flows in rhythmic current;

      Where finite and infinite play in unison their game of harmony.




      Those who live on the outside notice all things and all things are noticeable to them. They magnify. They imagine that a person looks or acts with evil intent. We can magnify evil to such an extent that it becomes a tremendous burden to us. We find no peace even in a forest and we must learn to conquer this. When we live inwardly, we lose contact with the world. When we have found our inner contact we miss nothing.



      May I never go outward for my help and protection,

      But may I always live close to that inner Spirit who dwells in my heart.

      May I find freedom through surrender,

      And gain peace through deeper trust.

      May my strength and happiness rest wholly in the infinite Presence dwelling in my heart.



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