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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


December 3rd



Salient Thought for the Day


      A radiant light fills every corner of our existence.

Lines to Memorize   


      Brilliance of the sun art Thou;

      Veil of the twilight art Thou;

      Heat of the fire art Thou.

      Coolness of the earth Thou art;

      Lustre of the moon Thou art;

      Mystery of the dark Thou art.




      There is no reason for us to dwell in darkness. An inextinguishable soul-light burns in every living being. This is the supreme blessing of God and it is given equally to all. It rests with us to make the medium through which the light shines so transparent, so devoid of everything that is alien, that it will shed its glow uncolored and unhindered. The light itself is unfailing; but we can block its radiance by selfish petty thoughts and unworthy actions, by pride, ambition and harshness.



      Eternal Spirit, You are the Soul of my soul.

      You are the Essence of my life.

      It is Your light which illumines my being.

      May it shine without hindrance

      And drive out all gloom and darkness from my mind and heart.

      May You be glorified by my every word and action.



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