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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


October 18th



Salient Thought for the Day


      Human beings walk upright for a higher purpose.

Lines to Memorize


      The one by whom the world is not afflicted and who is not afflicted by the world, who is free from elation, envy, fear and anxiety, that one is dear to Me. The one who is free from all external dependence, pure, efficient, unattached, undisturbed, and has given up all selfish undertakings, he or she who is thus devoted to Me is dear to Me.

                                                            ~Bhagavad Gita




      The first stepping stone to becoming fully human is to understand the essence of humanness itself. We must be a true human being. . . gentle, large-hearted, noble and independent of opinion. A true human being does not think evil. Evil thoughts are as creative as good thoughts. We cannot have happiness until we have obtained certain qualities of mind. When we have obtained these qualities, nothing can overthrow us.



      May my thoughts turn to You from whom comes all my blessing.

      May I bring to you with childlike simplicity my actions and all that is produced through my actions.

      Sanctify my life and every part of my life.

      May nothing be hidden from You.

      May nothing remain without Your sanction.


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