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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


July 5th



Salient Thought for the Day


      We cannot perform any service bigger or better than our thoughts inspire us to do.


Lines to Memorize


      Let those speak whose spirit flows like the river in flood-time, full and strong;
      Let others keep silent—
      The tongue that speaketh soulless words
      But scattereth pebbles before hungry mouths.



      There is a selfish type of person who does not sense what is happening to others, but when we have evolved our soul nature and found access to the higher realm, we are full of concern for our neighbors. We cannot afford to sever ourselves from our fellow beings. We do not realize this so long as we have not established an inward relationship with them. Until we know God as our Father or Mother, we shall not feel that they are really our brothers and sisters and our service will always have an element of selfishness in it.




      All-loving Father and Mother of this universe,
      I lift my prayer to You in humble supplication.
      Free me from all pettiness and smallness;
      Help me to consecrate all my efforts and thoughts to Your service;
      Fill my heart with fresh inspiration and strength.
      May all my words and thoughts and actions be worthy of Your loving blessing.



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