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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


June 26th



Salient Thought for the Day


      Don’t be disheartened. Never lose courage.


Lines to Memorize


      This, my little vessel, is tossed and tossed by the angry waves of life.

      If Thou dost not hold the rudder and guide its course,

      It will break and sink.

      At Thy will, tempest will cease;

      At Thy command, the sun will light the dark;

      In Thy Presence, my fear-stricken heart will embrace peace.




      Fear and depression have no place in the realm of Spirit. We all have to pass through the slough of despondency sometime or other. You must not let your spirit go down under any circumstances. Do your duty bravely and faithfully. Never feel that your life is a failure. Try not to brood over such ideas.




      Help me, O Lord, to make my heart pulsate in harmony with Your holy Being.

      You are my one sure refuge.

      You are my one safe protection.

      May I never yield to heaviness or anxiety,

      But may I rest all my life in You and be at peace.



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