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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


August 16th



Salient Thought for the Day


      God has given us life that we may express joyousness of heart.

Lines to Memorize


      My soul is happy with an inexpressible joy

      Since I saw His smiling face turned toward me.

      I can never forget that radiant smile;

      Where’er I go it haunts me by day and it haunts me by night.

      When in grim despair of life, it brightens my path with hope and love.




      We cannot attain our goal without practicing the higher principles of life. No one can be truly happy who is selfish. What possible use is outer light if there is darkness inside? Happiness is a quality of the soul. It enters the soul which has tasted God-consciousness. God is ever cheerful. Life is given us to work out our freedom and lasting happiness.




      Giver of all joy, may I not be unworthy of Your gifts,

      But may I radiate happiness and cheer in every hour of my daily life.

      Help me to realize that when I am sad, it is because I am separated from You.

      All my sadness and sorrow will vanish when I seek You with open heart.


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