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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


November 20th



Salient Thought for the Day


      More childlike we are, more we have access to the Divine.

Lines to Memorize   


      Thy blessing of protecting love

      Ever riseth up in my heart

      Like an unfailing spring.

      I am washed, cleansed and made alive anew

      By its sacred water.




      If we can abandon our fears and anxieties, the Power within will not fail us. We all have Divine intelligence. It may burn dim, but that which burns dimly, by our own effort can be made to burn brightly. That Divine Power is ever with you to give you courage and make you strong. May it ever fill you with life and light and cheer.



      All-loving Mother of the Universe, bestow on me Your tender blessing.

      Never withdraw Your loving care from me.

      May I learn to be worthy of Your care and blessing.

      May I never cease to be Your humble child,

      Wholly dependent on Your Will

      And looking to You for all strength and protection.




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