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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


November 29th



Salient Thought for the Day


      Service, worship and surrender, these three form the foundation of the spiritual life.

Lines to Memorize   


      The wound of separation from Thee remains ever fresh in my heart.

      I pray not for its healing;

      Its sacred pain doth sanctify my life every hour.

      Thou art my unfailing blessing.




      If we can learn to wait our turn with ungrudging patience and watchful vigil, we shall find to our amazement that the long hours of day and night, winter and spring, autumn and summer, are pleasant pastimes for the soul, to renew and refresh it. Does not Nature hold before us the picture of restoration and renewal? We all possess within us the seed of spiritual fruition. Whether it is quickened depends upon us. If we neglect to water and care for it, it will shrivel and die. We must nurture and foster it. Then it will grow and bear abundant fruit.



      Supreme Being of the universe, my entire being rests in You.

      I offer You my prayer and my thought in humble worship.

      Infuse my heart with a new sense of safety.

      When You are absent from my thought, my soul suffers.

      Stay ever near me.




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