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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


September 24th



Salient Thought for the Day


      The practice of devotion gives us tangible power by which we experience things which at present seem unattainable.

Lines to Memorize


      Thy countenance of compassion has transfixed me.

      All my wants are forgot; I am lost yet fixed in Thee.

      Lost am I in this wonder of wonders!




      Spiritual attainment seems at times so distant that we even doubt our ability to acquire it, but all these doubts vanish when we approach the Light. When we turn our back to the Light, we do not see it. But when we turn our back to ourselves and our face towards the Light, we see it shining there steady and unfailing. Then if we follow it with undaunted spirit and fervent devotion, we reach the Highest.



      Giver of all blessings, bestow upon me the gift of a truer devotion.

      Teach me to depend upon You for all power and strength.

      Help me to realize that You are behind my every thought and act;

      That I am but Your humble child, at all times led by Your all-wise hand.

      May I walk in Your light and follow Your path at every step.


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