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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


April 26th



Salient Thought for the Day


      Commune with your spirit in silence.

Lines to Memorize


      It is not death that robs our life,

      Nor is it the dark of night that bars our inward sight;

      Nay, it is the veil of unknowing.




      We cannot live on borrowed knowledge. We must make it our own, based on our own experience. Whenever we have to go elsewhere to learn about something, it does not belong to us. That is true knowledge which accompanies us. It is like carrying a light. That one light makes all things clear. This is what we call wisdom.




      Source of all knowledge,

      May I learn to know You as You are in truth.

      Grant me constant inward contact with Your Spirit.

      May my mind be uplifted and my heart purified;

      May my sight be turned within

      That I may gain true vision of You

      And become peaceful and full of joy.




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