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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


September 28th



Salient Thought for the Day


      A true lover always loves.

Lines to Memorize


      Think of love and speak of love.

      Dream of love and sing of love —

      Let love reign in your life.




      Love cannot be a compulsion; but if we have not this rare gift, both human and divine, what do we have? We are deprived of everything. Why do we love? Because we have made ourselves avenues through which love flows. Love is a lubricant. Life is a machine which needs frequent oiling and love does this. We must never forget that hatred is conquered by love, harshness by gentleness. Do not brood over harm. Any ordinary person can brood over an injury, only the noble one forgives.



      All-loving Deity, make me a clear channel through which Your love may flow out to the world.

      May I never harbor hatred or resentment in my heart.

      May I be so pure and selfless that I shall be worthy to enter Your Holy of holies, and taste the sweetness of Your Divine love.

      Grant that I may never fail to share that love with all who suffer and are oppressed.


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