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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


December 9th



Salient Thought for the Day


      The life within opens an immense vista.

Lines to Memorize


      I keep still.

      Do Thou speak.

      For Thou alone canst speak to my soul.




      There is but one Savior — that is the redeeming Spirit within us. The outer Redeemer points the way and the inner Redeemer carries us on it. He speaks to us in the silent solitude of our soul. Out of this inner stillness we often get the greatest refreshment. When our outer life is still, it opens up new avenues for unfoldment. That is why the practice of silence has so much value and helps so much toward spiritual development.



      Infinite and Eternal One, help me to feel the need of Your Presence at every hour of this day.

      In each task may I unite my life with Your Life;

      May I live in unbroken communion with You.

      I listen for Your voice:

      May it direct my thoughts and words and acts.

      I reach out for Your hand:

      May it lead me ever in the path of wisdom.

      Help me to forget my own littleness

      And remember only Your majesty and glory.



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