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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


October 22nd



Salient Thought for the Day


      We lift our thought by constant devotion to our Ideal.

Lines to Memorize


      By the steadfast practice of meditation with unwavering mind (not moving elsewhere) and constant thought of the Supreme Divine Being, one goes to Him.

                                                            ~Bhagavad Gita




      We have to meditate on something. Our mind must dwell on some object. According to what we think upon, we can create an atmosphere of radiance, exuberance, buoyancy; or we can carry gloom with us. It is a matter of habit of thought. If our thought, aspiration and action are one, we are free. We do not blunder. We must build up our own life by our thought. There are many ways by which we can do this. Art, music, even manual work, all can bring ripening to the soul.



      Grant, Lord, that through this day nothing may disturb the peace of my thought.

      May I radiate love and joyousness.

      May I keep my eyes fixed upon You

      And meet each problem with courage and surrender.

      Help me to keep my heart pure and full of devotion,

      And at all times may it rest close to Your Divine Heart.


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