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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


December 10th



Salient Thought for the Day


      Our real soul is in the cosmic.

Lines to Memorize


      I am the Spirit of eternal youth.

      I am form in infinite space.

      I am unchanging beauty.

      I am undying life.




      Our life, our consciousness, we draw from an infinite Source. We may not know it, but we cannot be severed from that Source. Suppose you had found a sure refuge from all misfortune; would it not give a feeling of safety? The wise do not seek safety in outer riches or defenses, but look to quite another source for safety — to the inner Spirit. The Spirit within always quickens in us new hope and a new sense of security.



      May my life become more and more a part of Your universal Life.

      May I lose all smallness of vision.

      May my thought expand and my heart grow wider in its love and sympathy.

      May I seek all my strength and blessing from within

      And depend wholly on the inner Source of inspiration and power.

      May Your infinitude encompass me

      And lift me out of the narrowness of the finite.



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