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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


October 17th



Salient Thought for the Day


      Do not let us play false with ourselves.

Lines to Memorize


      The one who, restraining the organs of action, sits holding thoughts of sense-objects in his or her mind, that self-deluded one is called a hypocrite. But the one who, controlling the senses by the mind, follows without attachment the path of action with his or her organs of action, that person is esteemed.

                                                            ~Bhagavad Gita




      We must order our lives in such a way that we need not explain ourselves. Our action will be sufficing and our word will be sufficing. Whatever thought we send out to the world, we receive similar thoughts in response from the cosmic universe. A thought is like a note in music, it produces a volume of sound which has a broader scope than we imagine. We may think that our thoughts are only for ourselves, but they cover a large area and have a wide influence. Those are noble who think and do their best when they are unseen and unheard.



      Embodiment of all blessing,

      I lift unto You my prayer with guileless heart.

      Free it from all discordant feelings

      That I may sense Your Presence within me,

      And breathe the atmosphere of pure holiness radiating from that Presence.

      May it purify and strengthen me, and make me more worthy.


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