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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


August 9th



Salient Thought for the Day


      We attain when we always remain the witness and never lose our tranquility.


Lines to Memorize


      It (my vina) is renewed and refreshed;

      It is revived by the touch of Thy hand.

      The touch of Thy hand is ever fresh life.

      Heart of my vina, its voice and music art Thou;

      Verily Thou art the Soul of my song.




      When we lose ourselves we gain poise, tranquility and steadiness. When outer happiness comes, we must not be too elated. We must stand as a witness on guard that we do not forget and let ourselves be carried away by the temptations and distractions of the material world. There is a higher state of calmness and security that no amount of calculation and planning can give us. It comes through connection with the Source of all peace.




      Infinite Being, may my vision never become one-sided or distorted through self-limitation.

      Make me steady and unfaltering on my spiritual path.

      May I always look with serene heart upon all the happenings of life, depending wholly upon Your protection.



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