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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


August 20th



Salient Thought for the Day


      Carry the torch of joy with you everywhere.

Lines to Memorize


      O Thou heavenly smile of strength and cheer,

      Thou art my soul’s sunshine!

      Thou art my heart’s ecstasy!

      Thou art the consummation of my life.



      True religion must awaken in us a sense of joy. It teaches us to carry a light with us everywhere. How wonderful it would be if all of us would carry our own light! How beautiful life would be if each one would shed the light of joy into the world! In vain we seek this joy without; it is only to be found within. Those who have this light shed blessing everywhere. They see all things in the pure light of Truth and others come eagerly to them for help.



      Supreme Spirit of the universe, guide me in all that I do,

      And help me to express joy and fervent devotion through each task of the day.

      May I bear aloft the light of Truth in my every thought and action,

      And bring brightness into other lives.



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