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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


September 26th



Salient Thought for the Day


      If we have true love in our hearts, we can never be unhappy.

Lines to Memorize


      When Thou art near me I am filled with irrepressible joy.

      Oft am I held speechless as I gaze on Thy unformed beauty.

      Thou art ever silent, yet Thy voice resounds the sweet music of the universe.




      How can anyone who has lived close to the Lord be anything but happy? Unless we can maintain unshaken devotion to the Ideal, we shall lose all our blessing. We must never doubt or question. When we learn to love and trust without reserve or questioning, there comes upon us a great peace and that peace has wonderful healing influence. It soothes and cheers. It makes us over and sets us free.



      All-tender Lord, You are the embodiment of love.

      Shed Your purifying influence upon my mind and heart.

      Quicken with new ardor my life of devotion, my aspiration and my prayers.

      Rouse in me greater spiritual yearning.

      May my love for You be so great, my delight in You so unbounded,

      That I shall never yield to discouragement or discontent,

      But shall ever live with You in peace.


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