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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


September 20th



Salient Thought for the Day


      The first duty of a devotee is to love God.

Lines to Memorize


      Thou hast bound me with Thy subtle thread of love.

      I bless this fetter that binds me to Thee.

      Bind Thou me more: my hands, my feet, my hearing and sight, my mind and heart; yea, bind them all by Thy magic thread of love.

      I seek freedom no more.

      Henceforth I am Thy captive,

      To Thee I surrender my all!




      Devotees are those who go direct to God. We say: “I want to know Him, I want to feel Him, I want to commune with Him, I want to become one with Him.” To know God vividly is to plunge into Him in silence. There is no time especially suited for this. At all times we can pray. In every hour of our life we can have a sense of consecration.



      Eternal Unchanging One, unveil Yourself to me,

      That I may find my peace and rest at Your blessed feet.

      You are the giver of all good things.

      Grant me the power to love You with my whole heart,

      And to express that love in all that I may say and do through this day.



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