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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


Theme for the Month of February

Steadfast Resolution



Poem for the month:


      Sail thy vessel on —

      Steady, friend, steadily sail along.

      Water may be rough

      Or water may be smooth;

      But ever hold fast to thy compass.

      The sky may smile

      Or the sky may frown —

      Hold fast to thy compass.

      Wind may roar

      Or wind may be still —

      Hold fast, hold fast to thy compass and sail thy vessel on.

      Steady, friend, steadily sail along.



From the Bhagavad Gita:


      The one who is established and unshaken; who is alike in pleasure and pain, who is the same in pleasant and unpleasant, in praise and blame, and steady; the one who is alike in honor and dishonor, the same to friend and foe, giving up all selfish undertakings, he or she is said to have crossed beyond the qualities of Nature. And the one who, crossing over these qualities, serves Me with unwavering devotion becomes fit to attain oneness with the Supreme.




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Steadfast Resolution


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