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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


Theme for the Month of January

Living Consecration



Poem for the month:


      Be not offended if my mortal hand

      Lacketh grace to offer Thee oblation.

      Yet this hand is Thy Gift

      Sanctified by Thy touch.

      I will use it humbly

      And lift this offering of love to Thy feet.

      I will cherish my mind

      For it hath brought me thoughts of Thee;

      I will cherish my heart

      For it hath given me vision of Thee;

      And I will crown this life with a crown of bliss

      For it hath brought me to Thy gate.



From the Bhagavad Gita:


      The one who is ever content and meditative, self-subjugated and possessed with firm conviction, with mind and heart dedicated to Me, the one who is consecrated to Me is dear to Me.




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Living Consecration


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