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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


Theme for the Month of March

Power of Holiness



Poem for the month:


      Behold the sweet blossom of life, revealing beauty uncreate by mortal hand,

      Not seen by these, our eyes,

      Unsensed by senses;

      Yet seen and felt by the sense of sanctity.

      Holy sanctity, Light of heaven,

      Fill my life with Thy divine radiance.

      Transform my body, my senses and all that is senseless in me.

      Make me Thine own!



From the Bhagavad Gita:


      Fill your mind with Me, be My devotee, worship Me and bow down to Me; thus, steadfastly uniting your heart with Me alone and regarding Me as your supreme goal, you shall come to Me.




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Power of Holiness


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