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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


Theme for the Month of May

Humility, Simplicity and Purity of Heart



Poem for the month:


      Merit? Merit? Brother, who told thee I had merit?

      Merit have I none, nor ever did I have.

      What merit hath the straw?

      The weaver shapes a basket with it.

      If the basket be fair it is not the merit of the straw;

      It is his skill who maketh it.

      I am that straw which once lay at the great Weaver's feet.

      But He, the Compassionate, took it in His hand and fashioned it.

      Now I cherish this basket of His fashioning

      To gather His blessing.




From the Bhagavad Gita:


      Humility, unostentatiousness, non-injuring, forgiveness, simplicity, purity, steadfastness, self-control; this is declared to be wisdom; what is opposed to this is ignorance.




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Humility, Simplicity,
Purity of Heart


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