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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


Theme for the Month of September

Selfless Love and Devotion



Poem for the month:


      Love! Great immensity!

      Unfathomed mystery!

      Sacred current of life!

      Vibrant resplendent flame that burneth eternally,

      Consuming all our imperfections,

      Healing all our wounds,

      And bestowing peace upon our turbulent heart!

      Hail to Thee, Thou holy Spirit!

      Hail to Thee again and evermore,

      Thou Giver of pure sight!

      Let me lie in Thy protecting arms

      And sleep in the warmth of Thy bosom,

      And in waking behold Thy beneficent face

      That never changeth its tender mercy.

      To Thee I turn my face.

      And on Thee I fix my eager gaze

      Now and let it be through eternity.




From the Bhagavad Gita:


       Fill your mind with Me, be My devotee, worship Me and bow down to Me. Thus you shall attain Me. Truly I promise you, for you are dear to Me.





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Selfless Love and Devotion


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