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About Vedanta Centre


Vedanta Centre Temple

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THE VEDANTA CENTRE of Boston was founded in 1909 by Vivekananda's youngest disciple, Swami Paramananda. Another ashrama was established on the South Shore of Massachusetts in Cohasset in 1929. This ashrama is now the permanent headquarters of the Vedanta Centre, and is the sister ashrama to Ananda Ashrama of LaCrescenta, California.


The ashrama is a non-sectarian place of worship dedicated to all the religions of the world, where people of different faiths may come together and worship the One Spirit Who is called by many names. Our philosophy is based on the universal teachings of Vedanta as expounded by India's 19th century mystic and world teacher, Sri Ramakrishna. His chief disciple Swami Vivekananda brought Vedanta to the West in 1893.


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"The purpose of this work is not to offer a substitute for existing faiths or to foster any spirit of rivalry towards them, but to lend a friendly helping hand to all who earnestly seek after Truth. "
~ Swami Paramananda




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